Your Martial Arts Journey Starts Here

Congratulations on becoming the newest student in the AMYS Martial Arts family. We are so excited to meet you and look forward to helping you reach your goal of Black Belt Excellence.

Step One – Schedule Your First Class

Reply to this email or text / call us at (801) 432-0853 to schedule your first class. Check out the class schedule below, we offer classes for all ages every day with both early and late evening times to choose from- beginners are recommended to attend twice a week! Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can do a brief orientation and get your uniform fitted. 

Step Two – Visit Us On Facebook

Stay up to date about school news & events.

Check out our exciting page at and learn first hand all about the benefits martial arts has to offer all ages. See what your friends and neighbors are saying about AMYS Martial Arts and our unique approach to personal development. 



Step Three – Review The New Student Info On Our Mobile App

We have a ton of resources for practicing at home, character development sheets, upcoming events on our mobile app. Just search the Apple Store or Google Play store for “AMYS Martial Arts” to download.

The Studio Code is “champions”

Click on the “Curriculum” tab and hit “New Students Click Here!” for instructions to tie your belt, or select your program for the current cycle’s curriculum.

We’ll See You At Your First Class!

As you begin your journey, you will soon immediately realize that Martial Arts is different from other sports and extra-curricular activities. Students at AMYS Martial Arts not only develop important self-defense skills, but also concentrate on personal development as well.

See you soon!