We had a fantastic night this Friday celebrating our AMYS Team’s accomplishments from their performance at the 2018 Utah State Taekwondo Championships. Although everyone did an excellent job at the competition, we also took the time to recognize a few students for their outstanding effort. Our AMYS Team nominated students for awards in each of the following categories:

Rookie of Year

Nominations: Theada Zeigle, Brody Tanner, Connor Yarwood, Jasmyne Ortiz, Abigail Marusek, Max Martinez, Lulu Martinez, Scotty Hunt, Jane Wight, Ben Blais, Liam Skinner, Meredith Glenn, Veronica Moya, and Henry Xuncax Rookie of the Year Award Recipient: Brody Tanner Brody started Taekwondo at AMYS just four months ago and has been eager to learn and improve. He was selected as the Rookie of the Year award recipient for this year’s Utah State Championships due to his huge leap of improvement both on and off the mat. The State Championships was Brody’s first official competition and he had a strong showing earning him the Silver Medal in Board Breaking and Bronze medal in Sparring in his 8-9 year old Yellow Belt division. Outside of the ring he also excels and is a great example of a martial arts character. We can’t wait to see you competing at US Nationals later this year Brody!

Outstanding Female Athlete

Nominations: Theada Zeigle, Jasmyne Ortiz, Mirai Hsiao, Angelina Capella, Jane Wight, Fiorella Capella, Lulu Martinez, Maribel Gonzalez, Allie Wahlquist, Keilah vanHees, Harini V, and Kaylee Horn Outstanding Female Athlete Award Recipient: Jasmyne Ortiz Jasmyne started her Taekwondo journey in September of 2017. Her friendly and willing to learn attitude is something you’ll immediately notice when you first meet her. She has had to overcome many obstacles to be able to train and compete, including a recent ankle injury, but has surpassed everything with a positive spirit. Just a couple months ago she was invited to join the Black Belt Club and start sparring, and even signed up for the State Tournament (her very first tournament). She won her sparring division and earned the Gold Medal! We are excited to see her compete at Nationals later this year and seeing where her Taekwondo journey takes her!

Outstanding Male Athlete

Outstanding Male Athlete Award Nominations: Max Martinez, Tommy Wong, Ayden Christensen, Jack Youngquist, Andrew Ruano, Ifeanyi Nwosu, Connor Yarwood, Michael Chen, Soham Samal, Anthony Wald Outstanding Male Athlete Award Recipient: Ayden Christensen Ayden started training at AMYS in March of 2017. When we first met Ayden, he told us he wanted to train to compete and had the giant goal of going to the Olympics one day. He jumped right into training and after just 6 months of hard work, he won the 2017 US National Championships as a red belt. Later in the year, he successfully tested for his Black Belt and this year he began his official journey competing as a Black Belt with a goal of making it on the 2018 US Cadet National Team. Ayden was selected as the Outstanding Athlete not only for his achievement & talent in sparring, but for his exemplary attitude, work ethic at every training session and at home, being humble and helpful to others, and for being a great role model of the AMYS Taekwondo spirit and values. We are so excited to keep seeing Ayden progress and compete these next few years!!

Outstanding Coach Award

Outstanding Coach Award Recipient: Master Jared Reed We all know Master Jared is an incredible Taekwondo athlete. Last year he won Gold at the 2017 US National Championships, including winning a match with his famous 1-second knockout. This year, we were impressed by not only seeing him compete & win at the 2018 Utah State Championships, but also coaching our AMYS competitors the entire day. Master Jared has a true passion for coaching and works hard to help students improve and grow both physically and mentally in this sport. One of his coaching goals is to get our students making the US National Team at the US National Championships this year. Thanks for all you do for our students Master Jared!!

Outstanding Parent Award

Outstanding Parent Award Nominations: Shauna & Rich Christensen, Bill & Alex Wong, Rachel Martinez, Auro Patino, Lisa Sou, Lolimar Nieves-Kawa Outstanding Parent Award Recipient: Bill & Alex Wong We are so lucky to have an overwhelmingly large amount of supportive parents on our AMYS Team. From driving their kids to training sessions, to holding pads at home to help them practice, a Taekwondo athlete wouldn’t be able to achieve all their goals without the help and support from their parents. We wanted to recognize the endless amount of effort all parents put into helping their athletes, and we received so many great nominations for this award. Bill & Alex Wong (parents of Tommy & Matthew) were voted as Outstanding Parents at the 2018 Utah State Taekwondo Championship for going above and beyond and helping all the AMYS athletes and supporting our team that day. A huge thank you to Bill & Alex and to all parents for helping our team every day! Congratulations to all our students- we have such great things to say about every single one of you! Now let’s shift our focus over to preparing for the 2018 US National Championships here in Salt Lake City this July!

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AMYS Martial Arts is a Taekwondo school in Utah with studios in Orem & Draper. Classes are offered for kids (ages 2 & up) and adults and there are programs in Martial Arts, Tumbling, Dance, Summer Camps, and a Transported After School Program. Please contact (801) 432-0853 or info@amysmartialarts.com if you have any questions.