“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s now what a ship is built for.”

This month we are learning about CONFIDENCE. Confidence is a key skill for young children to develop. Children already have thoughts and opinions of their own; confidence is what allows them to express them. It is also essential for how they perceive their own self-worth.


  • Model confidence for your child. You can do this by showing self-love and by speaking positively of yourself (note: this is not the same as bragging or showing vanity. True confidence does not come at the expense of putting others down.)

  • Ask them about their day. Show interest in what they say, and ask follow-up questions. 

  • Encourage your child to find his or her own solutions to problems – don’t intervene and try to solve everything for them.
  • Support them when they fail. Explain to them that one failure or setback is not the end of their goals, and does not mean that they should give up. However, do make sure to
    acknowledge that their emotions are valid – do not simply tell them to “get over it.”


  • Belt Testing & Tapes – Earning tapes & successfully passing and earning a new belt gives students a sense of accomplishment. They learn how to set goals, practice, and work hard until they reach them.
  • Board Breaking – One of the most challenging parts of belt testing is breaking a board. Students are taught to break a board by visualizing their strike breaking the board before executing it, and following all the way through until the board is broken. 
  • Developing Physical Strength – The exercises students do in class helps build their physical strength. When they feel their bodies are strong, they are more likely to stand confidently and feel confident to speak up.
  • Self-Defense – Self-defense skills are important because it teaches kids that they have a way of defending themselves from physical harm. As they practice, they learn how to better control uncomfortable situations and remain calm.
  • Leadership Opportunities – As students progress and achieve higher belt ranks, they may earn the opportunity to assist in beginner classes. Being able to teach others what they have learned boosts their confidence in their own skills.

EARN YOUR GOLD CHARACTER TAPE: Don’t forget! Students can fill out an AMYS Character Sheet about CONFIDENCE this month and submit it to earn their GOLD Character Tape!


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