“‘Honest hearts produce honest actions.”

Dear Parents,

This month we are learning about honesty. Honesty is one of the most important skills to have! It is important to remember that a lie- or not being honest- usually ends up hurting people, including the person who tells it! This is a complicated value. It is not only important that we be honest with each other, but that we are honest with ourselves. Honesty does not simply mean that we do not lie to others. It means that our actions, words and deeds represent the most truthful version of ourselves. Students are encouraged to conduct themselves in a straightforward manner in class and at home.


  • Encourage honesty rather than blame-dodging. A child who admits to being wrong (“I’m sorry; I know you said not to run in the house, but I did anyway,”), rather than blame- dodges (“I didn’t hear you tell me not to run in the house!”) should be disciplined accordingly but praised for their integrity.


  • Be emotionally honest with your children. Communicate your feelings in a rational, age-appropriate way, but do not hesitate to express even negative emotions when prompted (ex. Instead of, “I’m fine,” say, “I’m upset because a project at work is not going well.”)


  • If you realize that you have been wrong in an argument with your children, apologize to them. This will show them that truth is more important than pride, and it will help them realize how important honesty is to everyone – even their role models.


EARN YOUR GOLD CHARACTER TAPE: Don’t forget! Students can fill out an AMYS Character Sheet about HONESTY this month and submit it to earn their GOLD Character Tape!


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